Top Ten 2012

Well, eight in fact but for the sake of consistency, the title is still ten!  A mixture of adventures afloat and ashore, in New Zealand, Tonga, and Fiji, here are our 2012 highlights.

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  1. Spending Springtime in New Zealand
  2. Cruising between Bay of Islands, Whangarei and Great Barrier Island
  3. Returning to Europe for time in the UK and Sweden while Pipistrelle took a break in New Zealand
  4. Anchoring in the remote Minerva Reef on route to Tonga
  5. Revisiting the Vav’au group in Tonga
  6. Watching humpback whales at play in the Ha’apei Group, Tonga, and snorkelling with them
  7. Sailing to Fiji
  8. Celebrating Elaine’s milestone birthday in Auckland