Final Days to Grenada

After a passage of just under four days from French Guiana, we dropped anchor in Prickly Bay, Grenada at 08.15 on 5th April 2016, having sailed 688nm at an average speed of 7.2kn.

The rip-roaring ride of the first 48 hours was mainly due to the strong favourable current, but as ever it’s either feast or famine, and we had to resort to using the engine once for several hours while the wind dropped off and changed direction countless times.  Our subsequent progress was steady with no squalls, renewed current helping us along especially off the north coast of Tobago.  Here we changed course for Grenada having poled out the genoa to starboard enabling us to goose-wing towards our destination and putting our arrival a few hours ahead of schedule.

Having seen only a few tankers while underway – some at close quarters in such a big ocean – espying so many masts from a distance and yachts in the anchorage came as quite a shock.

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