French Guiana to Grenada

On Easter Monday we dropped anchor off Ile Royale, Iles du Salut nearly 9 days at sea (8 days, 17 hours and 30 mins to be precise!) covering 1361 nm at an average speed of 6.5kn. With 3 reefs in the main and no headsail for the last 36 hours we were glad to have arrived safely. If the passage from the Seychelles was our liveliest ever, we agreed this comes a close second!

Eight miles off the coast of French Guyana, near Kourou, the three small islands of Iles du Salut played a significant part in French colonial history – more about their role in a separate blog called Stopover at Les Iles du Salut

Suffice it to say, we went exploring with the crews of the other two yachts at the anchorage – Mahimahi from Sweden and Apogee from the US.

Intending to leave again on 31st March we delayed our departure for 24 hours. Lashing rain and strong gusts were not conducive to weighing anchor if we didn’t have to, so we stayed put, putting us 36 hours behind the other two boats.

So, after a very welcome break, we’re on passage again – destination Grenada in the Caribbean.

24 hour run 07.40 1st April – 07.40 2nd April = 206 nm (nearly a record!)

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