The Northern Hemisphere


In his haste to send off emails, the over-zealous Captain had not understood this piece was still a draft and, as such, not to be sent! We can in fact send an email to our blog while at sea, and the article magically appears soon afterwards. Photographs are always added later.

So, to complete the short offering:

At 00.35 on 24th March we crossed the Equator for the fourth time, at full moon. Neptune was slumbering, so homage will duly be paid on a calm day in sunshine! It’s not all sun and calm seas – far from it. Since then we have hardly seen the sun for threatening skies and cloud cover and have had up to 25 kn breeze with gusts of 27 kn ahead of some big squalls. The wind angle has been steady at +/-90 deg, giving us a broad reach. Typical of the ITCZ. We’re now running with 2 reefs in the main and no headsail, our SOG still 6 kn.

Fortunately, in a squall and with everything battened down, we retreat below from where we can navigate – one of the many advantages of a pilot saloon. Here we have all round visibility, can check the set of the sails and look out on the rain, in these temperatures with all fans running!

Distance run: 1,100 nm

Distance to run: 250 nm

Best 24 hour run so far: 171 nm

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