Adeus Brazil

With repairs to the ageing stackpack (sail cover) to last another couple of months, a newly galvanised anchor chain (very good price in Jacare), and re-pressurised hydraulic boom vang with new seals, we slipped lines on Saturday 19th March and headed down river for our next passage.

Six days in and over 950 nm under the keel, this stage will take us the 1400 nm to Devil’s Island, one of the ‘Iles du Salut’ off the coast of French Guiana. There we will have a short break before moving on to the Caribbean.

After a couple of bright days to begin with we have had some squalls which are likely to increase the further we get into the ITCZ, or Doldrums; a moving feast where the weather is fickle.

Ocean TV continues on a small scale with schools of dolphins playing around Pipistrelle (always a joy), hundreds of shoals of flying fish skimming across the waves and a couple of feathered hitchhikers.

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