Olá from Brazil

After a passage of 1,894 nm over just over 12 days at an average speed of 6.5 kn, yesterday at 10.45 we arrived safely alongside the welcome pontoon at Jacaré Village Marina near Cabedelo where the team took our lines and greeted us not in Portuguese but in French. Quelle surprise. A perfect landing in bright sunshine at this small and friendly village. Lunch AND dinner ashore complete with cocktails were on the list of luxuries we had all three of us been waiting for.

We are so glad to have made it yesterday and not today as we had an overnight downpour which continued into this morning. The influence of ITCZ – Inter Tropical Convergence Zone, or Doldrums – making its presence felt.

Now we can catch up on sleep, relax and explore a little of this vast country. Good internet facilities here will also enable us to catch up with the blog of St. Helena, answer the many emails that have accumulated over the past month and chat to friends and family.

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