Mid-ocean Wish-list

1. Massages for sore backs (Hannes’ physiotherapist/osteopath brother to the rescue!)

2. A gourmet meal helicoptered in from Jacare, eaten with knife and fork from flat dinner plates instead of deep bowls

3. A glass of chilled white wine, or G&T, or bubbly all of which we have on board, but no inclination to drink from tumblers or dull the senses

4. Fresh tropical fruit

5. Not emptying contents of breakfast cereal bowl into lap when Pipistrelle lurches

6. Giving up the well-practised dance/balance routine necessary for successful galley duty, especially cooking

7. Taking a shower without carefully bracing oneself against the bulkhead to lather up/rinse off

8. A full night’s sleep (Oh no! not again – surely I dreamt I should be on watch?)

9. Stretching legs on dry land

10. A fully gimbled Pipistrelle

Modest requests on our first long downwind passage, if our memory serves us correctly – though the brain does get slightly addled out here – making for a roly-poly ride.

For another 450 miles at the time of drafting (now 290) we’ll feel the motion of the ocean, see the blues and whites of the sky blending with the blues and whites of the sea. Then it will be ‘land ahoy’ and our eyes will again feast on the hues of terra firma.

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