Hold tight – Brazil here we come!

We’re well over halfway; we’ve sailed over 1,000 nm; we’re goose winging at speeds averaging 7.5 – 8 kn in winds of 10 – 25 kn and following seas. Cracking along in other words – may be that message to Harry Potter got through?

Eating up the miles, eating up the provisions and figuratively speaking eating up books which we have time to read in between watchkeeping, adjusting sails, cooking and sleeping in the steady, rolly rhythm of life on board.

The fishing season on Pipistrelle has officially closed thanks to two ‘lost’ lures, topped by amazingly losing lure, line and reel which bounced off the cleat and disappeared in a matter of seconds. Must have been a whopper which we could never have reeled in anyway. More tackle is available but in these seas probably not advisable to try again.

Time in Brazil is GMT -3 so we’re putting our watches and clocks on other gadgets back an hour every three days. The ship’s clock remains on GMT/UTC.

Distance run: 1,100 nm

Distance to run: 710 nm

Latest 24 hour run: 160 nm

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