Ocean TV – Part 2

Today’s episode has been shot primarily in monochrome reflecting the sea that turned the colour of slate. Grey clouds covered the sun, much reducing the effectiveness of our solar panels.

Yesterday’s scene was totally different. Not one cloud in the sky all day, white caps on the azure blue ocean and a good sailing breeze, giving way to a starlit night. And a reason to have a modest celebration having reached the halfway mark as we continue to head NW for St Helena. The pundits’ best bet is another 4 days on passage.

If the bird and marine life is sparse out here to the naked eye, life on board Pipistrelle has settled into a routine of watches, trimming sails, maintenance, food preparation and consumption thereof in large quantities, that catch of the day so far eluding us.

But switch to colour TV again for the final scene. Under a cloudless sky, there’s a tug on the line, the prize for patience a small mahi-mahi. Tonight’s supper is assured. Victualling in the outpost of St Helena has been occupying our minds, but our confidence rose as the monthly supply ship ‘St Helena’ passed us this afternoon on its way from South Africa.

RMS St Helena at anchor

RMS St Helena at anchor

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