On Passage South Africa to St. Helena

Ocean TV

That’s how Hannes has aptly described the passage so far. Hannes joined Bob as crew from Port Elizabeth to Simon’s Town in December, and has been a welcome addition for this leg and on to Brazil.

From The Cape of Good Hope to Saldanha Bay where we spent a very useful 48 hours making final preparations before setting off six days ago, we’ve had it all!

Flocks of gannets, cormorants on high and perhaps an albatross, seals frolicking, dozens of whales blowing and playing in the waters nearby – just nature at ease with itself as we slid past on Pipistrelle. This ever changing programme of nature and weather saw days 2 and 3 marked by boisterous following seas – literally ‘near gale at times’ with 30, gusting 35kn winds and 4-5m swells. With 2 reefs in the main, reefed staysail we battened down, wrapped up to keep warm and held tight. Character building!

Yesterday we were enjoying gentle cruising, no swell, blue skies. The red orb of sun sank below the horizon to the west as the moon rose moments later to the east. Today’s highlight was taking a dip off the back of the boat in 4000m this morning while there was still no wind. Some experience!

And here we are now, sailing at 25.21S and 07.31E.

Distance so far: 745 nm

Distance to run: 935 nm

More in this series of Ocean TV to follow. Photos added.

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