Breaking the Radio Silence

As far as keeping the blog up to date is concerned, we admit we’re way behind the pace.  Two months behind in fact.  No internet in far flung places brought on the radio silence but we’re now back in action.

So, long overdue articles on finally setting off from the Maldives, heading south to Chagos and visiting the beautiful, abandoned Ile Boddam will be published soon.  So will updates on the Seychelles.

In and around picturesque Mahe, we’re very much enjoying the scenery; quaint Victoria, socialising at the thriving yacht club with the other dozen or so cruising yachts that have chosen the islands to take a temporary break from passage making.  Add to that wine, beer, French cheese, baguettes, croissants that we have missed for months and the mix is relaxing.  But of course as well as all that, boatie jobs are a high priority so we’re not slacking.

Meanwhile, here is a pot-pourri of snaps to whet your appetite for the blogs to come.



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