Going, Going, Gan …

After a month here in Gan on Addu Atoll, we are finally saying goodbye and heading the 295 nm south to Chagos.  Heavy rain and high winds again over the past few days have not been conducive to either completing work or shopping for provisions.  But things have brightened up considerably in the last couple of days on all fronts – the generator is working, the weather has greatly improved and we can now go!

Thanks go to those local people who have been so helpful to us over that time, including our agent Maththi, and Shakyl, the electronics engineer who got the generator going again once the final package had arrived from Germany with the parts for the control box.  We celebrated that achievement and Shakyl kindly invited us to his home where his wife had prepared a delicious lunch for us.  We were greatly honoured.


The Equator Village Resort provided a haven of tranquility for Elaine while the bulk of work was being done on Pipistrelle – she could see her out at anchor and even snorkelled out on a couple of occasions.  Bob also enjoyed the comfort of air-conditioning when he joined her each evening for dinner, though could not leave Pipistrelle unattended for long. Interestingly, Gan was a military airport operated by our RAF from about 1956 until 1972 when they pulled out and used as a ‘stop over’ for troops heading East.  Several friends have commented they know Gan! The Equator Village used to be the officers’ quarters and mess.

Here also are two screenshots of the geographical area and our track through The Maldives.

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