Uppermost in our minds over the past few days as we cruise through the beautiful atolls of The Maldives, is that picturesque island chain of Vanuatu which has very sadly been devastated by Cyclone Pam.  We were fortunate enough to spend a month there on Pipistrelle in June 2013.

Our thoughts are very much with the friendly islanders, and those not only  in Port Vila on Efate, but the thousands who live a very simple existence on less populated and accessible islands. Their villages are simple, and for us Westerners, very humbling; they are generous; they smile and we have fond and lasting memories of our time there.

Starting in Anatom in the south, we sailed to Tanna, then to Port Vila and left to sail onwards in Espiritu Santo.

To read about how we found it then, just click on ‘A Month in Vanuatu‘ and ‘Postscript to Vanuatu‘.

We sincerely hope that casualties have been kept to a minimum, and that international aid can help the population rebuild its life within a relatively short period of time.

Island Children

Island Children

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