Double Celebration!

Yes, we made it yesterday 8th February and anchored at Town Bay, Trincomalee in the afternoon after completing clearing in formalities. The first good reason to celebrate after a week at sea!

The second was to celebrate Bob’s birthday, which we did with present opening in the morning while still underway, cake (with flickering candle) in the afternoon, then bubbly on board prior to a meal ashore at The Dutch Bank Café in the evening with decent candles decorating a cake magically produced by the waiters (Chris and Sophie may have had something to do with it?).

The whole passage covered just over 1,000 nm – well, 1,018 to be precise – which we did in 7 days, with 178 nm the best 24 hour run. We used 2 (yes – TWO) engine hours, and ran the generator for 19.

By the way, that fish … it got away, swallowing lure and trace in the process. Seeing it jumping in the distance, it could have been tuna and was definitely over a metre long.

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