Pancakes at Sea!

With ‘just’ 300 miles of the total passage of just over 1000 nm to run, we’ve started the countdown to landfall – hopefully in two days time.

Averaging 6.5 kn and sailing under main to port and poled out genoa to starboard, the first reef has been shaken out this afternoon and Pipistrelle’s ‘go faster’ stripes revealed. We need to maintain the 24 hour runs of 160 nm of each of the last three days to keep up momentum. The first couple of days of 110 nm and 120 nm were damp squibs for us.

So far the most wind we’ve seen was a few gusts of 23 kn in 1.5 m seas and a few drops of rain. All reasonably comfortable, so much so that Sophie produced pancakes for breakfast – a challenge to Chris’ scrambled eggs and bacon the day before.

With freezer contents diminishing as we progress, there’s room now for fish. So the fishing line is out to meet requests for mahi-mahi or tuna – we’ll see.

And finally a little puzzle: What sits in a corner, yet goes around the world?

(Answers by email to the normal addresses please)

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