Anchors Away!

Finally on passage from Phuket to Sri Lanka, we set off from the lovely anchorage at Koh Kala (and the Nikki Beach Resort) on Sunday, 1st Feb. Not bad to begin a new month at sea with a waxing moon to light our way at night and brilliant daytime sunshine powering the new solar panels.

But progress was slow and wallowy to start, with Pipistrelle making 4 kn, even running under twin headsails.

Yesterday, 3rd Feb, with about 20 kn wind, Pipistrelle came into her own; poles down, beam reach and we were sailing at 8 kn!

Early this morning we sailed through the ‘Ten Degree Channel’ between the Nicobar Islands to the south and Andamans to the north. That waypoint marked 340 nm.

As always, it take three days to settle into passage mode and with Chris and Sophie on board along with a cunning watch regime, we’re all getting heaps of sleep, time off and help from two expert sailors.

All is well on board!

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