Quaint Hoi An

Divided into four parts, the posts covering our travels in Vietnam started with Hanoi and Hué, now Hoi An, and Ho Chi Minh City to follow!

Hoi An

We stayed at the Ancient House Resort, where both room and surroundings were excellent. With its swimming pool and spa it is close to the river and old town.

In the 16th and 17th centuries Hoi An was the international trading centre in southern Vietnam, and merchant ships visited in large numbers so foreign traders also established shops and houses to make the most of opportunities.  Most of these buildings survive to this day, so the town is a living museum of architecture and urban lifestyle and a Unesco World Heritage Site.

With Tass as our guide, we strolled around the quaint streets, popped in to a pagoda and walked across the Japanese Covered Bridge, built of wood in 1593 with a roof and temple.  And thinking about the weather,  though we carried umbrellas, it remained dry and became quite warm!

The highlight for us was seeing silk worms eating mulberry leaves, the pupa being formed, and then the silk purse being boiled and the silk thread extracted and woven.  Watch the short video (to follow).  Meanwhile some stills:

A riverboat took us to a nearby ceramics village, where the pottery wheel was spun by a lady using her foot, while the potter turned vases, cooking pots, lids etc., and then on to a wood carving village, where fishing boats are hauled for repair, as well as new boats constructed.

Lunch was on a balcony at the Banana Leaf Café overlooking the river, from where we could watch activity on the road below before strolling back to the hotel.

Hoi An

Lunch on the balcony

Also captured on camera:

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