Happy New Year 2014!

About to sink??

About to sink??

Pipistrelle’s Year End Review 2013

As we reflect on Pipistrelle’s journey in 2013 from our armchair position in the UK where we have spent our first Yuletide in 6 years with family and friends, it occurs to us that a few stats to round off an exceptional year may be of interest.  This has been prompted in part by friends’ questions but also by our own curiosity which goes beyond keeping notes in our ship’s logbook.

In summary, we have lived on board for 306 days (and nights), a trifling 82% of the year! Though accommodation and berths on Pipistrelle are very comfortable, the novelty of a ‘normal’ bed is unspeakable luxury.  We have had some great and not so great sailing but the good vastly outweighed the bad!

In exactly 6 months (12th May to 12th November) we sailed 6,670 nautical miles from Opua in New Zealand to Langkawi in West Malaysia and achieved a total of 7,300 nm this year.  That compares to 7,960 nm in 2011 when we crossed the Pacific.

Equivalent to approx. 8.400 statute miles or 13,520 kilometres, this journey took us through 42° of latitude and 76° of longitude heading west.

We crossed the Line to the Northern Hemisphere shortly before leaving Indonesia, having spent 18 months south of the Equator, mainly in the Pacific.

Our 17 passages took a total of 47.5 days with 39 nights at sea, with darkness in the Tropics lasting for about 12 hours, and each of us on 3 hour watches at night.  At 8 days (and nights!) the New Zealand to Vanuatu trip was the longest.  Day sails of over 5 hours each accounted for 41 days’ sailing, any 2 to 3 hour ‘potters’ being discounted as not really sailing!

We motored for a total of 550 hours or 23 days, a highly frustrating 47% in Indonesia, ran the generator for 17 days or just over 400 hours, and burnt 2,500 litres of diesel!  Outboard engine petrol consumption is a mere drop in the ocean by comparison.

An overview of the places we visit and distances sailed appears in the Pipistrelle’s Journey page, and this year we have even recorded our Top Ten Picks because our experiences have been so stunning – both afloat and ashore.

Finally we wish our fellow yachties fair winds and following seas in 2014, and our families, many friends and acquaintances a very Happy New Year.

Countdown to 2014

Five, four, three, two, one …

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