On passage to Louisiades, Day 3

We had to wait for a weather window to head NW from Huon Reef, and now have 360nm remaining to the Louisiades. The wind is ESE with an average of 20 knots. The main is currently on our port side with a preventer, and the genoa poled out to starboard.

On the fishing front, on the 1st day our best and biggest lure was taken by a massive fish. The bungee cord was snapped, and the reel unwound at a rate of knots. Happily the fish bit clean through the line, above the long trace, but we were sorry to lose our second lure. Yesterday was a lay day, and this evening we caught a 4kg wahoo, which is now filleted and in the fridge!

Stronger winds are forecast so we will be reefed down before long.

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