Day 6 to Vanuatu

What a beautiful day, starting with a perfect sunrise and a light breeze. Too calm for sailing, so we took the opportunity of letting Pipistrelle wallow, and swam in the world’s largest and deepest public swimming pool. With 4000 m beneath us the morning dip was blissfully warm. The Kermadec islands are not far away, and a year ago an underwater volcano erupted. The pumice stone is still floating on the surface!

Then a large solitary seabird, a booby (but not blue footed) circled Pipistrelle a dozen times. It hung around for a while, was thrown a crust of bread which it pecked at with some disdain, and then flew off!

In the afternoon the wind returned, and we were able to sail again, wall to wall sunshine, T shirts and swimming gear, life is good!

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