Last full day on passage

Tim was feeling confident enough yesterday to deploy his fishing lines again, but this time just two, not five! As so often happens, it is the evening as the sun is lower in the sky, that fish are looking for their evening meal. We had a strike and Tim landed an Albacore, or long fin tuna, its pectoral fins were about 9″ long. It weighed 6.5kg, so another healthy specimen.

In the midst of all this we were trying to decide tactics for a change of course towards Opua, and Tim was just preparing our evening meal. All that had to wait until the fish was landed, and then it was dealt with later.

We then altered course, got the engine going with a furled headsail, and had supper.

We were still motoring at midday today, and don’t expect any change until about 1800 when the wind is forecast to veer and increase in strength.

Our ETA at Opua is early morning on Sunday, when a considerable number of yachts will be arriving, Customs will have a busy day!

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