Sunshine, fluffy clouds, fishing!

Yes, it has got better! The seas are now 2-3 metre, Tim has done a magnificent job of getting rid of all the salt in the cockpit, and earth stains from Elaine’s herb garden, that has now been despatched, ashes to ashes, earth to earth, or water as the case may be! MAFF in NZ take note!

I had a good conversation with David and Patricia this morning who run Gulf Harbour Radio, from Auckland. Each day they broadcast an excellent weather forecast covering the islands to NZ. We are currently heading for North Cape, the northernmost tip of NZ, and when southerlies come in later today we will alter course for Opua, and the wind will then veer to the NW, allowing us to bear away for Opua. So that allayed my concerns about safe arrival, which we hope will be on Sunday morning, enabling us to enjoy a roast dinner at the Opua Cruising Club in the evening!

Incidentally, it occurred to me that wind speeds might not mean a lot to many of you. So the 35kn constant I quoted when we hove to was a gale. The rest of the time we have been in a strong breeze, 22-27kn, or near gale, 28-33kn. Heaving to is a method of effectively slowing the boat down to 2-3kn by backing the jib, letting the main out, and lashing the helm down so that the jib, main and rudder counteract each other.

So all is well, we are now sailing with full main and rolled genoa, making good progress. The last days run was 140.7nm, distance to go 234nm, but it will probably me more like 254 with the dog leg.

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