On passage day 5

Yesterday I was telling you about celebratory food to mark the half way mark, and then the weather turned nasty. With a squall approaching we furled the genoa, deployed a small staysail, and put a 2nd reef in the mainsail. The wind increased to 28 kn, and stayed there.

At 0300 I handed the watch to Tim with guidelines on the wind strengths. At 0400 he called me, I couldn’t believe it was my turn again, and I was right! We had 33kn, gusting 35kn, so it was time to put a 3rd reef in the main. With the boat bouncing around in 4 metre waves, and waves frequently breaking right over Pipistrelle, this was not a simple task, but it was achieved safely. We left the staysail furled in case the wind increased further to 40kn, and so made slow progress until 0700.

We are now sailing again, 6.5kn in 28 kn of wind, but the forecast is not good, and ETA looks like late Sunday or Monday. The days runs was a miserable 108nm, with 399nm to go. Bet you are glad you are not with us!

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