Day 6, Heavy weather sailing

The weather is totally dominating our lives! It is sail changes or adjustments several times a day, and last night with the wind a constant 35kn from the SE and big waves, at 21.30 we decided to heave to, another first for both of us. At least we had a good nights rest, once all the annoying bangs and knockings had been eradicated, and the sails had been set perfectly.

We got underway again at first light, 05.45, and were then regaled by the forecaster in Auckland, telling us about a low pressure with a front that would be over Opua, our destination, on Sunday evening. So we are now putting the pressure on to try to get there before then.

Apart from annoyances that need sorting once conditions allow, we are ok, and so far all the crucial systems are working. Distance sailed in the last 24 hours, 107nm, so a big effort now to keep the speed up, Hey ho, it can only get better, surely?!

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