On passage day 3

It has been an eventful 24 hours! Late yesterday afternoon Tim caught a 6kg mahi mahi, which was duly weighed, photographed, videoed and then filleted into 10 large steaks! So at least we won’t starve now, before making landfall. What we do have to do though is enjoy the rest of the pre cooked meals that Elaine so thoughtfully prepared, so that there is nothing on board for the Ministry of Food and Fisheries to confiscate!

Last night we had our first squall, and then the wind immediately picked up to 20 knots, which meant a change of sail plan, and then today, we put a reef in the main as the wind increased further. We are making good progress though, in the 24 hours to noon today we achieved 150 nm, and at that time had 649nm to go. The seas are lumpy and uncomfortable, but it is a trade off between the optimum speed to achieve an early landfall, and slowing down so that comfort is increased!

Today the temperature noticeably dropped, so cold weather clothing was extracted and duvets are ready for use. The interior sun screens have also been removed so at least we now have almost 360 degree vision from the saloon. Another day or two and the exterior screens will be removed as well!

Must get on and prepare dinner!

Bob & Tim

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