On Passage Day 2

After a day of light winds yesterday, which culminated in motor sailing for about 6 hours last night, today we have had a consistent 12-15 knots of ESE trade winds, enabling us to achieve an average of 6 knots so far. Nothing compared to our passage last year when we were achieving a constant 7.5 knots, but equally far more comfortable, so far…. But it has been a beautiful day, fairly calm, sunny and warm.

The weather forecasts seem to be all over the place. Last night the weather charts showed a low pressure system forming over Fiji, and then heading south, allowing us no escape. One yacht, who also had engine problems, decided to turn back for Fiji at 0200….

I downloaded a further forecast this morning, which showed the low pressure now heading south east, and not affecting us so much. So we together with about 15 other yachts are continuing with the rhumb line course, and will alter course if necessary. The weather patterns in this area this year are very different from last year.

On a more interesting note we sailed through streams of pumice stone, which has emanated from the Kermadec Islands, to the south east of our track.   It is the first that I have seen in its natural state, and was probably caused by the eruption on 18th July 2012 of the Havre Seamount (18:07.12 S and 178:59.07 W), a little known volcano between  Macauley Island and Volcano W.     Pictures in the next blog update.

At noon today we had 791nm to run.

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