Stopover Minerva Reef – Day 8

Update from Minerva Reef

This reef and lagoon is about 750nm north of NZ, 400nm SE of Fiji, and 350nm SW of Tonga, which is where we may be heading for! There is one entrance/exit through the reef, happily on the leeward side, and then a 2 mile passage to the other side of the lagoon, where we are anchored in 15 metres, and in some shelter from the coral reef. There are now 17 yachts here, though there are almost daily arrivals and departures.

The wind is constantly moaning through the rigging, we had gale force gusts last night, and we have all bar 1 metre of our 65 metres of chain out! Graham and Avril, Roving Rear Commodores of the Ocean Cruising Club on Dreamaway, who we first met at Niuatoputapu, are anchored 30 metres away, the rest are US/Canadians/French/Germans. Currently it has been too rough to consider launching the dinghy and socialising or walking on the reef at low tide, which we hope to do in the next few days.

So apart from waiting for the weather, what are we doing? While Bob has been doing engine-room bits off and on and baking bread, Elaine has put the sewing machine to good use. Amongst other mending, she is cobbling together courtesy flags for Tonga and Fiji.

PS. It is getting warmer!

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