Stopover Minerva Reef – Day 6

After 24 hours of uncomfortable seas, 2-3 m swell and 20-25 kn winds we came through the pass at north Minerva Reef at 1500 this afternoon and are now safely at anchor in the lagoon in the middle of nowhere! About 14 other yachts have had the same idea, like us all waiting for favourable conditions to take them either to Tonga or to Fiji. It will be a welcome break after quite a taxing and challenging passage so far.

Judging by the weather out there this evening (more heavy squalls and 30kn winds) we have made the right decision and are likely to be here for a few days. As ever though, we will be studying the forecast daily to determine when to move on. Stopping will also give us the opportunity to attend to some minor maintenance that is not easy in a seaway and catch up on much needed zzzzz’s.

Distance run: 171 nm

PS. It is NOT warm!

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