Flying along – Day 5

Our comments yesterday about not a squall in sight were soon to change! We managed to sail from the early afternoon, but by nightfall squalls were prevalent leading to significantly increased wind and careful sail handling. The new digital colour radar was excellent in showing their progress and track, but there was little avoiding action we could take. Sleep was broken during the night, whilst we dealt with too much wind, and then no wind. Happily the promised breeze has now filled in, and we have a constant 20 knots from the SE, a beam reach with just the new genoa to power us along at between 7-8 knots.

Squall heading our way!

…and bright orange on screen

We are now on target to arrive at Minerva Reef around lunchtime (local) tomorrow. It is likely that we will stop off, as we did not visit last year on our way south to NZ, and it is a renowned anchorage for yachties in the middle of nowhere!

Distance run: 123 nm

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