An introduction – Day 4 …

We’ve kept our latest crew member under wraps until now and think today it’s appropriate to introduce him.  He’s been finding his sealegs for the past three weeks and after George, who’s been with us for over four years, had initial misunderstandings with him, has settled down well as junior.  On board he works hard at his job sharing duties.  Christened Sinbad, passport pic to follow.

If you think you know what his role is, send us an email to which we’ll pick up once we have an internet connection again.

Since 0900 this morning in the words of that old rocker Rod Stewart ‘WE ARE SAILING’.  About time too after 18 hours non-stop motoring. Airs are light so progress is slow but all is well on board and the sun is shining with not a squall in sight.  Increased breeze forecast for later today.

Distance run: an improved 121 nm

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