Pipistrelle finally heads North – Day 2


Any notion of the Pipistrelle crew being hypothermic for the first two days out of New Zealand is unfounded thanks to thermals, fleeces, wet weather gear etc. – in fact probably similar clothing to what we’d wear in May if sailing in the Solent! Cold and boisterous conditions with winds of up to 30 kn (naturally at night) and 3 metre swells. Fortunately while the ‘on-watch’ person monitors progress mainly from below thanks to the interior autopilot and pilot saloon, the ‘off-watch’ person snuggles under the duvet with a hottie for company.

Our decision to leave Opua, NZ on Friday was shared by at least 20 other boats all taking advantage of the good six day weather window to get well on the way to either Fiji (the majority) or Tonga where we are heading to visit the Ha’apai group. We missed out on these pretty islands when we went south last October. From there, we’ll sail to Fiji to explore and catch up with many of our friends.

After a few expected teething problems, the new mailsail and genoa are certainly making a positive impact on performance and speed. Money well spent!

Distance run:
Day 1 (Friday afternoon – Saturday noon) – 136 nm
Day 2 – 147 nm

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