Pipistrelle in Opua, New Zealand

Pipistrelle on passage in Tonga

After a very fast 6 day sail from Tonga we arrived here late on the afternoon of Monday 31st October.

Customs and Quarantine were on the ‘Q’ berth to take our lines, and stepped on board immediately to deal with formalities – paperwork and provisions. Fortunately very little was confiscated but sadly our ready prepared evening meal – a tasty goulash – was! Having been convinced we would arrive too late for an inspection and thus be able to stay overnight on the ‘Q’ berth we would need to eat. As it was, we had to vacate the berth once inspected, rapidly organise a berth in the marina and go alongside.

With no meal to eat, we had a good excuse to shower, and go out for a meal with Carlo from Italy on Ipanema and a French family. The lamb was delicious. Needless to say, we slept extremely well!

We sailed a total of 1,072 miles from Tonga to Opua and ran the engine for a total of TWO hours, so good were the sailing conditions.

So, amazingly we have crossed the Pacific – just 7,500 miles from Panama! Pipistrelle has kept us safe and performed exceptionally well. She now needs a rest – and so do we! New Zealand awaits.

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