On passage to Opua, NZ, Day 6

Grey seas, overcast skies, blowing F5-6 with gusts of F7, making 7-8kn double reefed with staysail and VERY COLD! Where are we? No, not in the English Channel, but fast approaching New Zealand.

It is our last day at sea with under 50 nm to run to Opua. Elaine checked in to the Southern Cross Net on the SSB at 0730 and provided a position/situation report. But HF propagation was so poor, she could not hear the net controller so the information had to be relayed by another yacht. A common occurrence.

On the domestic front, all fresh fruit and veg, meat, eggs, cheese has either been cooked, consumed or thrown away in advance of inspection by the NZ authorities of all ship’s stores. We have, we think, remarkably little that can be confiscated.

Yesterday evening saw the wind pipe up to 25kn, while it was still daylight and just as preparation was underway in the galley for a sumptuous dinner. To reef or not to reef…..if in doubt REEF! With this second reef in the main Pipistrelle slowed down slightly but not sufficiently to produce the intended sumptuous repast and washing up would have demanded the whole galley to be gimballed in an ideal world. An exhausting exercise in balancing self, food and utensils! As the wind peaked at 30kn the 2nd reef was the right decision!

Now some daily runs (=24 hours, midday to midday) stats for the record: Day 1: 160 nm
Day 2: 174 nm
Day 3: 174 nm
Day 4: 178 nm
Day 5: 172 nm
Day 6: 171 nm

Our ETA at Opua quarantine berth is approximately 1700 this evening.

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