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On passage to Opua, NZ, Day 6

Grey seas, overcast skies, blowing F5-6 with gusts of F7, making 7-8kn double reefed with staysail and VERY COLD! Where are we? No, not in the English Channel, but fast approaching New Zealand. It is our last day at sea … Continue reading

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On passage to Opua, NZ, Day 3

Getting the weather window correct for this 1100nm passage is vital, as a succession of high and low pressure systems are created off the eastern seaboard of Australia, and traverse east across New Zealand and across the Pacific. The winds … Continue reading

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The Kingdom of Tonga – Vava’u and Tongatapu

Nothing could have surprised us more than the scenery on entering the Vava’u group of islands in Tonga.  We were met by limestone islands rising vertically from the sea, nearly all of them wooded with lush vegetation.  Our destination, Neiafu, … Continue reading

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Arrival at Niuatoputapu, The Kingdom of Tonga

Niuatoputapu (a tongue-twister!!) is the most northern port of entry to Tonga, and is almost due south of Savaii, some 160nm distant.  Once we were clear of the wind shadow about 20 nm south of the island, we found the … Continue reading

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A Sojourn in Samoa

Samoa, formerly Western Samoa and not to be confused with American Samoa, is due west of Suwarrow, a downwind sail.  The passage became a mixture of twin headsails poled out with the mainsail reefed and sheeted in, or goosewinging with … Continue reading

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