Penultimate and last!

While the UK was settling down to watch The Royal Wedding of William to Kate on Friday morning the doughty Pipistrelle crew was in the throes of the penultimate night watch before its last full day on the ocean wave. Cause for all round excitement!

Having enjoyed a 30 minute matinee display of small white-nosed dolphins showing off around the boat, during the afternoon we changed the sail configuration to poled out head sails, making good progress for the rest of the day and starry night. Progress with eating on board fish supplies is equally as good and we enjoyed a fish supper of tuna – what else! But attempts to make another fine catch have eluded the master fisherman, despite changing the lure on the fishing line from red to a more attractive blue. Today is the last chance, so fingers crossed for a mahi mahi.

Our festive meal of pseudo roast chicken with nearly all the trimmings was a triumph of endurance and balance in the galley. Improvisation was the order of the day….bacon rolls, potatoes, chicken and gravy all cooked in a pan on the hob with two veg (chard and carrots) to accompany. Thinking in terms of ‘plum pudding’, dessert was stewed plums (plucked from the freezer). We also allowed ourselves a modicum of red wine each.

So humming or singing along to the strains of South Pacific, we’re making our way to the island of Fatu Hiva, supposedly the most spectacular of the Marquesas group and have had to SLOW DOWN today in order to make landfall in daylight tomorrow, 30th April. So with poles stowed, we are running under reefed mainsail but still making over 6 kn. A second reef could even be called for.

24 hour run 28 – 29 April: 159nm
Distance to run at midday 29th April: 95nm (down to double figures – astounding!)

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