Easter Sunday Feast postponed!

Though it has no place in our ‘on passage’ routine, which is all blue skies with puffy white clouds and blue seas with white horses, this photo is rather fun! Taken shortly before our departure from Santa Cruz, the pelican was gorging on fish just beside Pipistrelle and the other bird obviously wanted some of the action – left overs of the feast perhaps!

Thinking of feasts, conditions on board were far too rocky ‘n’ roly to be able to contemplate our slap-up lunch on Easter Day. Having wrestled with a heel of 15 degrees to serve soft boiled eggs for breakfast and then eat them, we decided the challenge of producing a festive meal was a bridge too far so we chickened out! Content with a special breakfast and a gift from Janet of very well travelled praline eggs all the way from the UK, we did manage to hold a short Easter service in the cockpit. Janet who is a lay-reader at her church at home, led the service, Bob did the reading and Elaine sang a couple of hymns (from memory, so only one verse each). With the rush of the water under the keel and sound of waves, that half hour was very special.

Since then sailing and thus living conditions have become far more comfortable, we have caught up on some sleep, have caught flying fish of various sizes on deck and have even had the fishing line out again with a sign on the lure ‘mahi-mahi only please’. With so much skipjack in the freezer, Elaine is currently dreaming up ’50 ways with tuna’ recipes.

We are currently sailing under reefed mainsail and slightly reefed genoa in ESE breezes of about 20 knots. Bob carries out a daily deck check when he looks at rigging, sheets etc for any signs of wear or chafe which need to be addressed. Similarly, engine room checks are part of the daily routine. He has done a generator oil change while underway and replaced another two or three jubilee clips that are constantly under scrutiny as they have a nasty habit of cracking regularly.

Pipistrelle is, as always, performing well and though we’ve fallen back on our record day’s run of 180nm, we are still achieving over 160nm a day. Today we put our watches back yet another hour, making us GMT -9. The question is whether the Marquesas are GMT -10 or GMT -9.5….. but with just over 500 miles to go, we have time to find out.

Yes, ONLY just over 500 miles! Excuse for another celebration?

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