The Galapagos – Santa Cruz

Isla Santa Cruz is our third and final destination on the Galapagos archipelago.   To keep it brief at the moment as we are preparing for our long passage to the Marquesas, here are some photographic highlights of our stay here in the anchorage of Puerto Ayora, the hub of tourism for the islands with seemingly all that comes with it.

A short distance from the busy town is the Charles Darwin Research Centre that we visited one morning, hoping to see ‘Lonesome George’ the 170 year old giant tortoise brought here to the reserve and breeding centre  in 1971 from Isla Pinta.  Sadly he is the last of his kind and we were extremely privileged to see him on feeding day.  He resides in his own large enclosure, which he now shares with two young females of a different species – so not so lonesome after all perhaps!

Lonesome George stretching his long neck (the pipe isnt part of’ his anatomy!)


Taking a stroll ………and enjoying a munch!The nursery – about the size of a hand at year old!


At the end of the trail in separate pens live three land iguana – the only specimens we have seen.   Fascinating and mysteriously ugly creatures, they grow to about 2 ft long.

Well fed and relaxed!

Lastly, on the boardwalk to the giant tortoise enclosures we found ……

A male lava lizard

We will embellish this blog with some more narrative on our passage to French Polynesia and update it in about three weeks’ time!

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