Landfall and Arrival in the Galapagos!

Day 7 – The (B)eagle has landed!

Impressive scenery

At first light this morning Bob was on watch and witnessed the spectacular outline of the island of San Cristobal. We had sailed since last night with twin poled out headsails, and two reefs in a sheeted in main, a very effective and comfortable way of sailing dead downwind. This morning the winds picked up allowing an earlier arrival in Puerto Baquerizo Moreno (Wreck Bay), where we anchored at 11.30 local time. It was great to be greeted here by other cruisers who we had met in Panama, and we will learn more from another SSB net tomorrow morning. The public internet signal here is so heavily filtered it does not allow emails or much else, so tomorrow we will need to find an internet cafe and deal with all the other arrival formalities.

But meanwhile, after tidying up Pipistrelle above decks and below decks, we had a leisurely lunch, toasted our safe arrival with the remainder of the champagne we started yesterday (a magnum is too much for two in one sitting!) and reflected on the last 7 days as being a memorable and very enjoyable experience. It is after all the first time we have sailed double-handed on passage for more than 3 days. Our night sailing was accompanied by moonlight and once the moon set, the sky burst into life with recognisable and unrecognisable star constellations!

It is exciting being in Darwin country, and during the last few days we have been reading up on the Galapagos Islands. For those of you who don’t know, Darwin arrived here on the Beagle in 1835, and it seems amazing that the wildlife survived here at all with the human interference when in those days taking hundreds of giant tortoises for fresh meat supplies on ships, meant nothing at all.

More later, we need to start planning our limited stay here! We had our first sea lion basking on the bathing platform this afternoon!

One in a million!

Finally, the day run was 87 nm, making a total distance of 932 nm. We used the engine for 30 hours in all and the generator for 19.

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