3 “S’s” – Sun, Sea and …

…sail repair!

Day 4
First the sea. One definition of Pacific – taken not from the OED but from our well-thumbed Scrabble dictionary – is ‘tending to bring peace’. Gone is the boisterousness of the beginning of our passage which has given way to gentle waves and flat seas with hardly noticeable long, low swell. Pleasurable and tranquil sailing that we don’t recall experiencing anywhere before. This has to be sailing at its very best, broad-reaching in 12 kn of breeze, a sparkling sea and magical sunsets.

The sun rises at about 06.30 and 2 hours later it is already HOT. The temperature is deceptive in the sea breeze and the sun’s rays very strong, so we either move around the cockpit seeking shade or cover up, or both! Given the latitude (2 deg. N) we have 12 hours of daylight with the sun disappearing in the blink of an eye at about 18.30. We are disappointed not to have witnessed ‘The Green Flash’ yet and live in hope to see it before long!

Today we needed to make a small repair to the mainsail. Even though we lowered the sail to deck level and were able to work on it there, it was surprising just how long the whole exercise took, first handstitching at an awkward angle and then patching with layers of sail repair cloth on either side. All while sailing at 7 kn SOG (speed over the ground). Elaine is very pleased with the result and seems to be discovering latent ‘needlework’ skills. A couple of afternoons ago she even made a cloth cover for the Geonav to protect it from UV while being used in the cockpit. The purchase of a sewing machine in Panama eluded us because we need it to run on 240 V and not 110 V.

Though we did get the line out yesterday, all the fish were elsewhere – same story today. So Bob is hoping for an early morning catch tomorrow.

Finally, the daily run over the last 24 hours was 142 nm. Having run under twin headsails for a day, with a course change this morning we reverted to main and genoa and are still making steady progress towards the Galapagos. All being well, we should arrive on 17th March in San Cristobal. Only 280 nm separate us from our destination!

The Pacific is living up to its name!

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