Fish are jumpin’!

We are in the Pacific, the biggest ocean in the world, and we have had an amazing first day at sea en route for the Galapagos.

We left Isla Viveros at about 11.30 after our friends Dave & Booker from Tortugita had bid us farewell and had a good breeze to take us between the islands of Rey and San Jose. But then we found ourselves wallowing at 2 kn, though resisted the temptation to put on the engine in order to conserve fuel.

But the go-slow had its compensations. We watched hundreds of rays jumping at least 2ft out of the water, an amazing sight!

Jumping ray – others in the water!

Also a couple of dolphins and then a very large whale, though too far away to identify apart from the blow! Then came catch of the day – a 4-5kg blue fin tuna that will provide at least 5 meals for the two of us!

In the bag!

After nightfall we were visited by a large pod of dolphins, which played around the yacht for about 2 hours. The phosphorescence left in their wakes is amazing, as is the way they come haring after us, blowing every few minutes, and then jinking under the yacht, swimming by the rudder, and playing what looked like tag.

An amazing day, a starlit night and then in the late evening, the sea sounded as though it was boiling, or a heavy rainstorm, though we were in 200 metres of water, spooky!

The winds steadily increased during the night, and at the 24 hour on-passage mark we have clocked up 117 nm.

Stop Press!
This morning on the Cruisers’ Net (via HF radio) we heard about the Japanese earthquake and possible threat of a tsunami around the Galapagos and the Pacific coastline. The safest place to be is in deep water at sea and we are in 3000 m some 700 nm from the islands. To put your minds at rest, we are safe and well, watching weather developments and will keep you up to date with progress.

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