The Algarve and Beyond – 4!

Towards Gibraltar!

And so on to Gibraltar, with a stiff westerly breeze, black clouds and rain to push us through the Strait at 10 knots over the ground.

Wet weather gear at the ready!

We went alongside at the Marina Bay marina, located in the shadow of the Rock with the added ‘attraction’ of being next to the Gibraltar runway with good views of landings and take offs.  Thankfully with four flights a day this is no Heathrow, so we weren’t inconvenienced at all.   Ingemar and Ann-Britt had arrived a day earlier and hosted a final enjoyable evening together on board Lady Ann.  We toasted our hosts several times with various beverages, and it was sad to see them sail off the following morning for Marbella and then Almerimar.

The Rock has changed a lot since Bob’s last visit in 1991, with much more land reclamation and marina development.  Having provisioned at the local Morrison’s superstore to stock up with familiar but expensive British goods, we enjoyed an interesting tour by taxi including the Pillars of Hercules, the St Michael caves, the Great Siege Tunnels, and inevitably the Barbary Apes, which are no more than tailless monkeys but cute nonetheless!   Unlike the day before when we arrived in cool and somewhat damp conditions, we were blessed with a fine day, creating wonderful views of the Strait, with Africa clearly visible looking south and west, and the Mediterranean to the east.

Barbary ape and companion ……..

……..looking down on Marina Bay & runway!

We’re now sailing east along the fascinating Mediterranean coast of Morocco before heading northeast for Cartagena and the Balearics.


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