At the end of this wonderful and sometimes challenging four and a half months’ adventure on board Pipistrelle, we would like to thank those without whom some of the ‘plain sailing’ wouldn’t have been possible…..

For the loan of a selection of its vast portfolio of paper charts and pilot books, we would like to thank the Offshore Cruising Club (Overlord).

Back home, our neighbours have been a huge support.  Lesley Don, Sue Kipling, Jane Woods and Ann Dailley took it in turns to kindly look after our beloved cat Maddie who, through their care, has not turned feral after all!  We wondered what she’d make of our homecoming.  There she was in the house when we arrived home on Wednesday evening and surprisingly, she has behaved since as though we have never been away.

To Elaine’s parents – especially her father – we are indebted.  He came to the rescue when one month in to our trip, a water pipe burst in the ceiling of one of the living rooms at our cottage in Hampshire (old buildings do have their quirks!), flooding the floor and damaging much of the furniture in its direct path.  Fortunately Sue K. who happened to be in the house on a Maddie handover session, heard the sound of running water shortly after it had happened.  Elaine’s father was duly alerted, the water turned off and damage initially assessed.  He, along with Sue and Doug Croll, Martin and Jane Woods to name a few, have been instrumental in helping us to manage this unforeseen episode from a distance.  Their help and support has been invaluable.

Lastly, Elaine would like to thank her colleagues at Snap-on Business Solutions in Reading for enabling her to take a five and a half month sabbatical and sail over 3,000 miles!

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