Oporto Impressions

Less narrative and more photos in this short blog!

Last Friday we took a day off from boatie work to go by Metro to Oporto, 20 kms south of Povoa.  We chose a perfect day with clear blue skies, a temperature of 23°C, found a beautiful and fascinating city on the banks of the River Douro which rises in Spain to the east.  120 kms inland the slopes are home to the vineyards that supply Oporto with the wine, which is fortified with brandy, to produce Port.  The open-topped city bus tour was well worthwhile to give us an overview of the sights and attractions, with a stop at Real Companhia Velha port house included.

After a very late lunch at a riverside restaurant we crossed the bridge built by Gustav Eiffel, of Eiffel Tower fame, on foot before embarking on a visit first to Taylor’s, and then to Graham’s, to view their warehouses and sample some of their produce.  With the evening sun setting on the city as we left, bathing it in golden hues, it finished an excellent day.

Now the pictures …..

North Oporto looking west

Tiled facade (North Oporto)

Cafe scene (North Oporto)

The ‘Eiffel’ bridge (road & rail)

Which brand to taste?

Warehouse at Graham’s

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