High and Dry!

Pipistrelle was lifted ashore on Monday 13th October at Povoa where she will remain in a secure compound at the marina over the winter.   Judging by the expertise and care demonstrated by the team responsible, we have every confidence Pipistrelle will be in safe hands and the work we have asked them to do for us in our absence will be of a high standard.

We then lived for another two days on board, using shore power but taking showers etc. at the marina facilities of course!  Getting on and off the boat was not by ladder but by purpose-built metal staircase complete with banister and matting at the bottom to prevent grit from damaging the decks.

To give an idea of what a lift-out entails, here are a few pictures of the hoist dock and travel lift.

A tight turn

A tight squeeze? Entering the hoist dock astern

In the travel lift

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