Dublin Jottings – Sunday 22 June

And this is supposed to be the start of summer?  It’s really a day for curling up in front of a log fire with the Sunday papers!  The latter we can source easily, but a log fire doesn’t come with most modern yacht fittings.  We’re currently safely alongside the Dublin City pontoon and Pipistrelle is bouncing around in the high winds we can feel even in this sheltered spot – it’s gusting 30 knots.  Bob has doubled up the shore lines and attached another fender for good measure.  Outside the harbour it’s Storm Force 9 and we’re not moving until late tomorrow morning when the front should have gone through.

Pipistrelle alongside at the City Moorings

The forecast for Monday afternoon and Tuesday is for a decent weather window with moderate southerly winds so we’ll probably just head straight for Scotland (Campbeltown) so we’re there before the next low comes through on Wednesday and Thursday.  That does mean missing out on the Isle of Man and Belfast, but we’d rather not be stormbound in either of those places.

Meanwhile this is our third day in Dublin’s fair city…..

We arrived on Friday morning having left Waterford at midday on Thursday and, again taking advantage of the short weather window, had a very pleasant sail.  Highlights were the Irish Air and Sea Rescue helicopter circling close overhead to ascertain whether Pipistrelle would be a good candidate for them to practise a high-line lift.  But it was obvious that we were on passage so they disappeared and found another yacht.  Shame really.

Having rounded Tuskar Rock with its lighthouse in big seas, we then headed north.  Mike produced yet another tasty beef stew and dumplings, the sea calmed, we hoisted the main, and enjoyed a great sunset over the Wicklow mountains.

Sunset at sea

We arrived in Dublin in time for breakfast. It was a beautifully sunny and warm day, so once we’d had a rest and done some chores, Bob and I did the touristy bit and hopped onto an open-topped bus to do a tour of the city, complete with commentary, which gave us a chance to orientate ourselves having never visited before – Trinity College, Dublin Castle, the Gaol, the Guinness factory, Jameson’s distillery….  The Georgian architecture is stunning.  We explored Trinity College and were awe struck by the wonderful Book of Kells together with the magnificent Long Room of the Old Library.

Saturday morning dawned very wet and miserable.  It also saw us bidding goodbye to Alan, whose rather damp week with us was already at an end.  He wanted Irish weather and unfortunately his wish was granted – in Waterford and in Dublin.  We donned our wet weather gear in the afternoon to see more of the sights and sites on foot.  What we at first thought was a carnival procession, turned out to be a big gay rights march through the centre of the city – very colourful!   Saturday night we went out on the town in search of live music and after a meal in an Irish pub explored Temple Bar, the main entertainment area.  Could be renamed ‘Hen-Night City’ – there were so many groups of girls out celebrating, far outnumbering the ‘Stag-Do’ guys, they made my own Hen-Nite 4 years ago seem rather tame by comparison!  We finally found a great live singer with guitar in a bar where we stayed until the music stopped…..

Outside Trinity College

Halfpenny Bridge

The Liffey

Millennium monument

Temple bar by day ....

....and by night!

Georgian Door

Pretty window


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