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Bob night sailing on Azrar III – August 2004

…and Elaine on Azrar III – August 2004

We sold our Moody 33 ‘Azrar III’ at the beginning of 2008 to buy a blue water yacht with the intention of exploring distant and not so distant shores while we were still relatively young, fit and healthy.  So we hung up our business suits, bought ‘Pipistrelle’ and set off to enjoy early retirement and to draw on the not inconsiderable experience we had both gained by sailing the classic yachts ‘Overlord’, ‘Sea Scamp’ and many other cruising yachts and dinghies over the years!

Overlord at anchor in NW Spain - August 2007

Overlord at anchor in NW Spain – August 2007

The Offshore Cruising Club (OCC) is centred around ‘Overlord’, a 10 berth 58 ft Bermudan sloop, built in 1936 in Germany.  With a membership of over 200, from experienced sailors to those who haven’t been on a yacht before, we have cruised on her in various parts of Europe – Bob as Skipper, Elaine as Watchleader.  We also took an active interest in club affairs, with Bob being Commodore for two years, and Elaine serving on the Committee. For more information about the OCC, go to www.sailoverlord.org.uk

Having crossed the Atlantic on Pipistrelle in 2009, we both met the criteria to join the Ocean Cruising Club (also abbreviated to OCC). Membership is granted only to those who have completed a continuous ocean passage of 1000 nm or more in a vessel not exceeding 70 ft (LOA).  Since joining this august association, we have encountered fellow members flying the distinctive blue and yellow ‘Flying Fish’ burgee which has often resulted in convivial exchanges both of wide ranging, challenging cruising experiences and ships’ liquid stores!  For more information about the Ocean Cruising Club, go to www.oceancruisingclub.org.

Flying Fish burgee

Flying Fish burgee


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